A moment in our arms, a lifetime in our hearts.

Welcome to the PreHOT Share Your Story site.

Years ago when my daughter was born at 25 weeks. I didn’t know anyone that had been through a premature birth and I felt completely alone. We managed to make our way through the NICU on our own but I always thought “There has to be a better way!”

When Ashley turned 1, I happened across PreHOT.org and it felt like I found a home. I found a place where people knew my language and my questions were not only answered, but answered in the most positive, supportive ways. I went on to have another baby and PreHOT Share was there for me more than ever. The people on this site kept me sane throughout a stressful pregnancy and I also found it healed my heart to help other people struggling with the same things.

I’ve never met a parent who has dealt with a premature birth or a birth defect that didn’t want to find a way to help out other families in their position. And Share gives you the perfect way to do that.

For those of you who are unaware, Share is completely volunteer run. We have a wonderful group of people who help us make sure that everyone who turns to Share gets the support they are seeking. Without this amazing team of people, PreHOT Share would not be the wonderful site that it is. And we are always looking for even more volunteers who are dedicated to helping others navigate their ‘new normal’. The time commitment is not big and it mostly consists of responding to people’s posts and making sure we find the right people to help them out.

So if you have interest in becoming part of PreHOT.org, please let us know we have positions that need to be filled and we’d love to have your help! You can contact me at ashleysmom@prehot.org and I’ll give you more detail!

Take a minute to stop in, say a quick hello and introduce yourself! If you would like to tell your story, go to Short Stories or start a Blog. If you posted a new discussion to introduce yourself, you may find we moved it here so people can easily find and greet you!

Welcome to PreHOT Share! We don’t collect donations but encourage to share hearts!

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